Bunbury Storms - Premier's Relief Payment

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IMPORTANT: Please read the information below to assist with completing your application online.

General Information

The Premier’s Relief Payment provides financial assistance to eligible residents whose home was:

  • located within the path of the Bunbury severe storms events on 10 May, or 1 June 2024,
  • and significantly damaged or destroyed by the events.

The payment is to help cover costs for essential items, personal effects, transport and emergency accommodation,

The Premier’s Relief Payment is comprised of the following:

  • Full Payment: A one-off payment of $4,000 per household for eligible applicants whose home was destroyed or suffered severe damage and is uninhabitable because of the events.
  • Partial Payment: A one-off payment of $2,000 per household for eligible applicants whose home suffered major damage, because of the events.

NOTE: For the purposes of this relief payment:

  • Minor damage that is associated with normal seasonal storms is not eligible. This may include minor roof leaks, overflowing gutters, minor displacement of roof tiles, or damage to fences.
  • A home means your usual place of residence, being the area and/or residential dwelling where a person normally lives, sleeps and eats. Residential dwellings are structures capable of long-term human habitation and include houses, apartments (or units), semi-detached or duplex homes, villas, terrace houses, townhouses, granny flats and transportable buildings.

Only one (1) relief payment will be made per household. The main occupant is the primary resident eligible to apply under this scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

All the following eligibility criteria must be met to apply:

  • The applicant’s home was destroyed or damaged by the Bunbury severe storm events on 10 May or 1 June 2024 (the events).
  • The home was located in the path of the severe storms.
  • The home was used as a usual place of residence up to 10 May 2024 for the first event, or up to 1 June 2024 of the second event.
  • The applicant is the main occupant of the home.
  • An application has not already been submitted on behalf of the household for the affected home for these events.

When applying online:

Make sure you save your application as you go. If you need to close the application and haven’t finished it yet, press 'save and close' and log out. When you log back in and click on the My Submissions link at the top of the screen, you will find a list of any applications you have started or submitted. You can reopen your draft application and start where you left off.

When you’re finished, press Review and Submit at the bottom of the Navigation Panel. Make sure you read your application carefully and ensure all your details and information is correct because once you press Submit you can’t edit it. You will not be able to submit your application until all the compulsory questions are completed and there are no validation errors.

Click Submit at the top or bottom of the screen or on the navigation panel when you’re ready. You’ll then get an email confirmation with your final application attached. If you don’t get this email your application may not have been submitted and you need to contact 1800 490 678

Further Information

For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or completing the online application, please contact the Recovery Grants Team on 1800 490 678 during business hours 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Or email recoverygrants@dfes.wa.gov.au and quote your submission number.