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STC Seroja Recovery and Resilience Grant

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Recovery and Resilience Grant - Application

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The Commonwealth and State Government are jointly providing eligible owners of insured residential properties that were damaged by the cyclone a reimbursement grant of up to $20,000 to improve the resilience of residential properties against future disaster events.

Recovery Grant

The Recovery Grant reimburses insured homeowners who incurred costs because their insurance policy did not cover the total cost of clean-up or repair works.

The grant reimburses costs for:

  • Building repair works undertaken by a registered builder or registered business to carry out the clean-up and repair works to meet the required building standard.
  • Clean-up works are undertaken on an insured residential property on structures including sheds, patios, and carports if covered in the insurance policy.

 Resilience Grant

The Resilience Grant reimburses homeowners for building works not covered by their insurance policy to improve the resilience of their residential property against future cyclones.

The grant reimburses costs to carry out the following works:

  • Installation of roof structure tie-down upgrades undertaken by a registered builder.
  • Replacement of garage doors and frames to wind rated garage doors by a registered business.
  • Installation of window protections including cyclone shutters or debris screens by a registered business.
  • Replacement of external hollow core doors with solid external grade doors by a registered business.

Full details on eligibility, criteria and the reimbursement application process are available here

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For assistance, please contact the Recovery and Resilience Team at or 1800 490 678.


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