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STCSeroja Heritage Assets Grant Program

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Heritage Asset Grants Program Application

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The Commonwealth and State Governments are jointly providing a reimbursement grant of up to $20,000 to eligible owners and operators to assist with costs to clean-up and restore significant cultural and heritage sites. Eligible activities include additional 'resilience' works that increase the ability of a heritage place to withstand future natural hazards. 

Submitting an application form does not commit you to undertaking works or making a claim for a grant.  Your application will be assessed and advice provided as to whether the works would result in an eligible claim.  Once works are complete you will be given access to a grant claim form, which will allow you to submit evidence of eligible costs and begin the claims process. 

If you have already undertaken works we will provide access to the claim form and identify whether further information would be required to support your claim.  

Further information on the Heritage Asset Grants Program can be found in the associated guidelines and FAQs.

The Cultural and Heritage Asset Repair Grant Program is jointly funded through the Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.


Please enter details of the property for which a grant is requested.  To be eligible, works must relate to heritage assets located within the nominated local government areas.

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Grants are available for properties suffering direct impact from the cyclone. You may be asked to provide evidence to this effect.
What is the heritage status of the property? * Required
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At least 1 choice must be selected. We can assist in identifying heritage status if you are not sure. Even if your property is confirmed as a heritage place, grant funding will be provided only if activities relate to heritage elements, as determined by the DPLH.